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Cogonov Inc. is a private resource company focused on the exploration and development of Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold (IOCG) deposits in central Nova Scotia, Canada. Formed for this specific purpose, Cogonov Inc. initially acquired 2,651 claims along the Cobequid-Chedabucto Fault Zone (CCFZ) which covered exploration targets previously delineated by Minotaur Exploration Ltd. Australia. Regarded as having expertise in IOCG exploration, these targets were the result of years of field work including the largest ground based gravity survey conducted in eastern Canada. Abandoned in 2010 due to financial constraints, Cogonov recognized an opportunity and immediately acquired the critical claims by staking. Additional ground was acquired by option agreements and staking.

IOCG Deposits

IOCG deposits are economically significant, large scale, low grade hydrothermal deposits with ore zones associated with regional scale alteration systems. Included in this set of deposit types is the world class copper-gold-uranium Olympic Dam deposit in Australia, La Candelaria copper-gold deposit in Chile and the Ernest Henry / Cloncurry copper-gold district in Australia. The deposits are characteristically sulphide deficient with extensive alteration zones generally highlighted by iron oxides and other fertile mineral assemblages. IOCG deposits are generally polymetallic in nature and can contain Au, Cu, +/- Ag, Co, Bi, Fe, Mo, PGM's, REE's, U, V, Zr. With the combined potential for base, precious, rare earth, strategic and nuclear metals, IOCG deposits are extremely attractive exploration targets. 

Chedabucto  –  Cobequid  Fault  Zone

The CCFZ comprises a series of crustal-scale faults along a length of 300 km and up to 25 km wide that bisects central Nova Scotia into two different geological terrains, the Avalon and Meguma. To the north, the older Avalon terrain is comprised primarily of intrusive and volcanic rocks with mineralization dominated by copper. To the south, the Meguma terrain is characterized by extensive, deep water sedimentary sequences that host numerous high-grade, vein type gold occurrences, many of which have seen historic production. The fault zone is host to >100 mineral occurrences and small deposits of Iron-oxide, Copper, Cobalt, Gold, Nickel and Barite. Mineral occurrences range from single veins to breccia systems and are associated with widespread carbonate alteration along with silica and sericite. The Cobequid – Chedabucto Fault Zone has only recently been recognized as a potential host for these world class deposits.
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Project Highlights


         Bass River Co Au

  • 552 claims covering historic barite and magnetite showings along the Bass River magnetic linear.
  • Project covers approximately 12 kilometers of the Cobequid Fault, one of the principal structures in the CCFZ
  • Inversion modeling of Target NS 23 gravity data suggests a dense source from 250 to 1000m below ground level. Drilling was recommended by Minotaur Exploration Ltd.

        Londonderry Fe Cu

  • Location of historic iron mines, with 60 years of production
  • Fault bounded mineralization that includes Fe carbonates plus Cu
  • Detailed gravity revealed 4 sub anomalies, some of which were covered by the VTEM survey.
  • Recent prospecting located copper mineralization up to 0.62%

         Copper Lake Cu Au

  • Past producing Cu-Au occurrence on the eastern end of the CCFZ. Fault bounded mineralization that includes Fe carbonates plus Cu
  • Mineralized zones occur in east trending, moderate to steeply dipping (<= 65 degrees) siderite-sulphide veins*
  • Early workings of veins produced ore with grades up to 10 -12% Cu with 0.24 oz/t Au, 0.3 oz /t Ag and 0.1% Ni
  • Historical intersections of >2% Cu over 3.0m have been recorded

2012 - 2013 Exploration Activities

The Exploration team was active in both the field and office, consolidating exploration data in preparation for drill target definition. To further enhance Minotaur's exploration targets, Cogonov engaged GeoTech Ltd of Aurora Ontario to fly an airborne VTEM (Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic Surveying) and magnetic survey over 12 flight blocks. The final data was received and secondary processing was completed by Minotaur Exploration Ltd.


2014  News:

Board of Directors & Management Team

Patrick  Cruickshank,  MBA,    President,  CEO and Director
Gary  Lohman,  P.  Geo.,  COO  and    Director
Chris Carmichael, CGA, CFO
Chris  Berlet,  Mining  Engineer,  CFA  Charter  Holder,  Director

Technical Advisory Committee

Dr.  Tony  Belperio,  Ph.D.    Minotaur  Exploration Ltd.
Dr.  Murray  Hitzman,  Ph.D.    Colorado  School  of Mines, CO
Dr.  Clifford  Stanley,  Ph.D.    Acadia  University, NS
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